SEO content guide 2023

This article is a guide to writing great seo content for your audience. All the ideas you get here is based on earlier successtories I came across and learned myself as well.

This is my contribution to explaining the concept of creating seo content. Through this extensive guide, I give you the insights that lead me to rank for highly competitive keywords.

The idea is that SEO and content are two concepts that really enjoy each other company. This means - you need to think of them as the one and only process for ranking interesting keywords. No matter the search volume,

Search engines love content. People love reading and consuming great content. So, the answer is simple, right?

What is SEO content writing?

You could look at SEO content as website content that is created to rank high in search results, and it is designed solely around keywords. So this means that content is the key to successful SEO campaigns. But, should you create content just for the sake of it?

No, of course not. This is where research and benchmarking step in. By performing the initial work deeply and thoroughly you will set the mark for future work. And the foundation.

But, make no mistake here. Do not create content just to get articles with a lot of text/words in them. That is usually just useless for both the reader and the search engine. Be topic-wise and choose your topics, articles, and keywords well.

SEO content and how to create great content for your audience

So, how to write SEO content?

As I mentioned earlier, start all your content projects by doing deep research and analysis. This will help you understand the topic and intentions along the way.

Find the topic

Yes, the first thing to do is to choose the topic to write about. Not surprisingly. But this is harder than you think.

Do you know your audience? Have you identified your competitors? Do you have an understanding of authoritative sites on the subject? These are questions that you need to answer and understand.

Once you hade the answers to the three questions above, you can identify the needs, intentions and behavoíours.

Find the keywords

Now the next step is to find the keywords to work with. And, hear me on this - a keyword research is a really major task so be prepared for that.

I know that you might not have acceess to all the fancy seo tools on the market (like semRush, Brightedge, Ahrefs and others) so I give you a couple of ways performing keyword research with free "tools".

As I covered in the post about seo for ecommerce websites, you can use Google Suggest (the search box in Google) and related searches, to find ideas for long-tail keywords. You can get alot of nice content ideas from this, totally free.

Another great free tool is With this tool you can get a large amount of suggestions on questions and related keywords. Just type in your keyword, choose language and market and in a few seconds you get the answers. For free - however you are lmitied to a few searches a day.

Keyword research free tool for seo and content

About the author:

I have been working with SEO and things related to digital marketing since 2013. Experienced in different fields such as ecommerce, igaming, b2b and others. I had the opportunities to work with some of the best in world when it comes to SEO and succesful marketing and converions.
Geographical areas I have worked with are (for example): Nordics, European (english speaking) and US.

I speak English (C2 advanced, CEFR test), Swedish (native), Norwegian (knowledgeable) Spanish (beginner), and Italian (beginner).

Magnus Strandberg taks about seed keywords

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