Ecommerce SEO and marketing.

Focus on this low-hanging fruit to gain stronger ROI over time. SEO for ecommerce sites is one of the best way to futureproof your organic results.

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My Ecommerce SEO and marketing services

When it comes to ecommerce sites and seo, it differs a bit from seo for non-ecom-sites. The biggest difference is a slightly nisched approach when it comes to keyword and content research, for example.

Site Audits

It is superimportant for any ecommerce company to perform different audits on regular basis.

Content Strategy

A contgent strategy based on intentions and searches are the key for your organica success.

Mentoring & Training

Learn the things you can do yourself to streamline your day to day activities.I teach you.

What is Ecommerce SEO?

If you are hoping to drive more traffic to your ecommerce website, you need SEO.
It helps you attract new customers in organic search. But SEO for ecommerce websites is a bit different from other types of websites.

Ecommerce SEO is all about generating free, organic traffic from search engines as a compliment to your paid campaigns. Although Google says you never should combine these two practices, I know that doing just that will give you the most “bang for the buck”.

When your customers search for one of your products, category results, or maybe one of your guided articles, you want them to click through to your website. So you need to understand the search behaviors and the intentions behind it all.

In this article on SEO for ecommerce websites, you get all the basic information you need to kick-start your SEO efforts.

Why is it important to do ecommerce SEO?

Semrush did research on the subject, you can read it here.

And according to a study by, they found that 65% of all traffic comes from search, and from that, 33 % is organic. When it comes to direct traffic, it is essential that you work with branding as well to have your site/company recognized with the products you offer.

Research onf traffic sources by

This clearly shows that besides paid, organic traffic is important, so you should focus on SEO.

Ecommerce SEO strategy

So how to do ecommerce SEO, then? Well, like everything else when it comes to marketing, you need a strategy.

To create a strategy, you should understand your market and customers by performing different audits and research.